Travail solitaire : comment mieux organiser le travail pour la SST?

Dans les nouveautés ce mois-ci, deux articles sur le travail solitaire : un article de magazine sur de bonnes pratiques dans une coop en Colombie-Britannique et une revue de littérature sur l’importance d’approches appropriées tant sur le plan du leadership que de la gestion pour les personnes dont le travail est solitaire ou isolé.

Community co-op makes working alone safer
Retaining long-term night staff is no issue for Mid-Island Co-op in Nanaimo, B.C. Their working-alone policies are helping to keep their workers healthy and happy on the job.

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Source : Allen, H. (s. d.). Community co-op makes working alone safer. WorkSafeBC.

Out of sight and out of mind? A literature review of occupational safety and health leadership and management of distributed workers

Distributed workers – those who work autonomously and remotely from their organisation’s main locations for at least some of their work-time – are an important and growing proportion of the workforce that share common characteristics of temporal and spatial distance. Yet, many leadership styles and management practices assume face-to-face interaction, potentially rendering them less helpful in trying to ensure good occupational safety and health (OSH) outcomes for distributed workers. This systematic literature review examines the leadership and management of OSH for distributed workers. Eleven papers identified established leadership styles, including leader-member exchange, (safety specific) transformational and considerate leadership. Twenty papers examined management; findings from these were interpreted as representing resources, deployed through management and utilised by managers to ensure OSH for distributed workers, including communication technologies, social support and a good safety climate. Despite limited research in this area, findings indicate the importance of both leadership and management in ensuring OSH for distributed workers.

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Source : Nayani, R. J., Nielsen, K., Daniels, K., Donaldson-Feilder, E. J., & Lewis, R. C. (2017). Work & Stress (prepublication).

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